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TIMELESS Electropark

10 channel 3D sound installation, powder-coated bent metal structures, copper audio cables, sub-woofer, 5 amplifiers, Jesmonite sculptures, Lycra, Polyester and fleece fabric, urban debris

Between the translucent and the blue

Timeless, Luzzati Lab, Genova

Electropark, June – November 2021

Between the translucent and the blue is a multi-channel sound installation initially conceived for Lydgalleriet space in Bergen in 2021, stemming from a spatial experience of 3D audio Ambisonics recording techniques. Conceived in Genova during spring 2020, the long-duration piece captures non-linear voice over audio recordings and body movement alongside city block infrastructures. The installation unfolds over multiple speakers embedded in Jesmonite sculptures, found textiles, and bent modular metal parts conceived as support structures. 

Curated by Anna Daneri and Alessandro Mazzone