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Formations. These stones alignment are not pushed to turn or tumble but are driven by the steam or temporary deposited in the lake, 2014






Transart Festival, Bolzano Mount Vigiljoch, Lana, 2014

Sound performance for live electronics and four-string musicians, 5 loudspeakers, 5 wireless speakers diffuse along Vigiljoch mountain

The starting points of the installation, developed for the old-world landscape of Mount Vigiljoch, are the disturbance of the natural balance and our centuries-long relationship with the earth. The gurgling water of the springs intertwines with the sound of horns, voices, echoes and reverberations from the landscape. Mount Vigiljoch is surrounded by several cup and ring marks stones leading to ancient paths in the proximity of the sources of water. The meaning of the mysterious carvings remains unknown.

Black lake > Performance I > 25 min
Source > Performance II > 15 min
Quadrat:sch: Barbara Romen | Dulcimer, Christof Dienz | Zither, Gunter Schneider | guitars, Alexandra Dienz | Double bas