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TO BE HEARD IS TO BE SEEN Henie Onstad Arts Center

Henie Onstad Art Center, Høvikodden, Norway

group show curated by Tone Hansen

Looming over the darkest black

sound installation, live electronics, mix-media, wall drawings, record publications

”The composer and visual artist Simona Barbera can in this connection be regarded as a transitionary figure between a deep, dark bass voice, a mumbling voice and the surrounding art installation – see Audun Vinger’s poetic account of the voice trends of popular music during the eighties, when mumbling was cultivated. Barbera has released a number of albums, including ‘THE SHIVERING COLD CONTINUES’ (2007), ‘LOOMING OVER THE DARKEST BLACK’ (2009).
 Barbera works primarily with sound installations incorporating edgy electronica, posters, LP covers, records players or wall drawings and centered on a massively heavy and meditative soundtrack inspired by techno and trance music mixed with interpretation of poetry. The voice is subservient to the soundtrack in Barbera’s installations – one element among many. Mumbling as a bass voice. Mark Beasley traces the use of mumbling, freakish vocals back to the song ‘ I PUT A SPELL ON YOU’ by Scremin’ Jay Hawkins from 1956. BORIS THE SPIDE by the WHO from 1966 contains a deep, guttural, gargling snort that is reminiscent of the death metal and grind-core vocalist of today.
in several of Barbera’s installations, record players stand at the ready, and visitors can control the sound in the room themselves by choosing and mixing tracks. 
Barbera’s installation also make references to other artists who are participating at this years’ Hovikodden live: the drone metal legend Stephen O’Malley from USA, one half of the band Sunn O))), 
and the Hungarian metal vocalist Attila Csihar from the band Mayhem, who is appearing with his solo project Void on Voices. Both artist are known for their work in the field of metal, doom, 
noise and heavy sound and stage aesthetics of dark ambient. ”
by Tone Hansen

looming over the darkest black
series of angels – dawn
Looming over the darkest black live performance