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Onde in ogni direzione e ritorno/ Waves in every direction and back
Leonardi V-Idea, Genova, Italy
April 19 – May 19, 2023

Sound installation, four channels, amplifiers, rack mixing board, sub-woofer, bent powder-coated metal structure (ultramarine blue); SEAS speaker, Lycra textile, Polyurethane foam, plaster, copper cable; casted Polyurethane foam sculpture, Lycra textile

Along the indexed time streak zooming in, on a port, crystal cables drip into a submerged sea of copper. Mercury voices sparkle in the noise of steel, surrounded by columns standing half vertical, leaning. Concrete bars turn and tumble in lines where a list of kings has not been burned but just forgotten. Lines of radiant silhouettes green up from a layer of sediment. Ragged banners fall, covered and melted in dreams of investing plastic gold in the community – a mirage we call thermodynamics of control.

Within these wavelengths, time flows, and light diffracts through distant spaces, arising once again from glittering alleys in the iridium, terbium and neodymium that separate us. Water licks the wounds of the thorns that slip away. Across the surfaces of rows and pillars, another index uncovers reverberating voices.

The installation combines a series of sound objects and a sculptural intervention made on-site at Leonardi V – idea gallery, embedding loudspeakers, magnets, polyurethane foam, object casts, textile, metal sculptures and photographs. The sonic piece unfolds through voiceovers and movements in urban areas, revealing the complex physical and acoustic dynamics of spaces that incorporate their porosity and incomplete nonlinear forms.


Voiceovers, performers: Tomas Polese, Carine Grimonpont, Simona Barbera                                                          
Costumes created by Simona Barbera, realized by Carine Grimonpont  
Speakers kindly provided by SEAS, Moss, Norway                                                                                       
Exhibition text, photo documentation by Ronny Faber Dahl