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MULTIPLE DISTANCES Parallels, Space4235

Parallels, group show at Space4235, Genova, Italy

concrete, feathers, computer parts, textiles

´Multiple Distances´ incorporates a blend of cast concrete decaying debris of computer parts, found textiles, feathers, seashells, chicken fence, and metals. Sliced as layers of columns, the brushed surfaces show only parts of its embedded contents.
Before more elaborate modern mixes of concrete, by chemical infusions, cement was used to be blend with gravel, sand, and shell materials build upon the ocean floor. One part to save money, but it was also thought to make the mixture stronger, while in truth making the mix weaker. This same gravel today reminds us of something completely different, of toxic pollution and instability.
Climatologists first discovered evidence of how fragile and abruptly the climate of the planet have been in the past when drilling out long round pillars of ice from the Antarctic ice sheet and looking at its thousands of years layered history.
The hard, cold, and yet refracted works, containing both ocean and urban human rubble, reminds us of our scattered times, of pollution, inseparability, material abstractions, chemical toxicity broken down into half damaged slices of contemporary memory. Of decay and crystals combined.