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Daphne Cneorum, Something there needs to thrive!

CHAN Contemporary Art Association, Genova, Italy, 2014

Hand-dye natural pigments on textile, sound work, analogue photography, text, publication

The exhibition Daphne Cneorum. Something There Needs to Thrive was held at CHAN between March and May 2014 and developed from a research that Simona Barbera has conducted in recent years. At the core of the project lies political, environmental issues that related to the overpowering transformation of land, social and cultural changes in the context of late capitalism.

Drawn from archival material, the work outlines several situations of forced displacement and land grabbing, emphasizing the position of women, mainly in the foreground of most conflicts in environmental activism.

text publication

text by CHAN



Daphne Cneorum duration 29′

project supported by OCA, Office for Contemporary Art, Norway