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Another world now!
CHAN Contemporary Art
Genova July 18 – 28
Simona Barbera – Ronny Faber Dahl 

For Another World Now, Ronny Faber Dahl and Simona Barbera present a series of fabrics and sculptures. In a tactile dialogue with the exhibition space, the show explores installation as an open temporality letting the materials breathe in their placements.

Line liners shift by Ronny Faber Dahl is a series of digital prints generated by computer lag. A snapshot of data energy, rerouted information flux slowed to hues, shades, shape vectors, as a process involving coding, random and selection. While some fabrics are shown plain, others are sewn into patterns and clothing as leftovers. By looking at the shape of different spatial architectures within the city, the sculptures juxtapose densely pigmented Jesmonite casts, found textiles and discarded materials meshed with layers of casting. The reconfigurations remain almost as future cultural-geological layers in the present.