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MFA, Kunsthøgskolen I Oslo, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, NO
BFA, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Academy of Fine Arts, Milan, IT


2023 Waves in every direction and back, Leonardi V-idea, Genoa, IT
2022 This cold heat folding in on myself, w/Ronny Faber Dahl K4 Oslo, NO
2021 Between the translucent and the blue, Lydgalleriet, Bergen, NO
2019 From dim to clear to curve, w/Ronny Faber Dahl, Office Project Room, Milan, IT
2018 Welcome to the Anthropocene!, w/Debora Hirsch, Riss(e), Varese, IT
2016 Ippocampo, Noplace, Oslo, NO
2015 If I just laid down, w/ Ronny Faber Dahl, LYNX, Oslo, NO
2014 Daphne Cneorum. Something there needs to thrive!, CHAN Contemporary Art Association, Genova, IT
2010 Oh, my dark soul!, Space 4235 Tromsø, NO
2010 Saturn Over Sunset, Temporary Black Space, Bergamo, IT
2010 I walk into this garden, IIC, Oslo, NO
2009 These stones will not dance or clap hands at the solstice, Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome, IT
2007 The Shivering Cold Continues, Gallery 21:24, Oslo, NO


2022 All’erta, Respira, Rifugio, MACA Contemporary Art Museum Alcamo, IT
2022 Poisoned, w/Landescape, Ortigia Sound System, Cappella dell´Inconorazione, Palermo, IT  
2022 Paradise is exactly like where you are right now only much, much better, Palazzo Franzone Spinola di Luccoli, Genova, IT
2022 Synthesis, group show, Melk Gallery, Oslo, NO
2021 Another world now! , urban actions, billboards and video projections, CHAN, Genoa, IT
2021 Timeless (Between the translucent and the blue), Electropark, Genoa, IT
2020  Apnea, Monza Biennale, NEI sports centre, Monza, Milano, IT
2019  Finart Festival International de Artes Graficas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2019 Iconografie dell’Indipendenza , w/Space4235 NESXT, Turin, IT
2019 Iconografie dell’Indipendenza, Macro Museum, w/Space4235 NESXT, Rome, IT
2019 Accesso Obliquo, Lato, Prato, IT
2018 Parallels, Space4235, Genova, IT
2018 Walkabout #1, Fondazione La Fabbrica del Cioccolato, Arts Foundation, Cima Norma, CH
2018 Dialogos IV, Current space, Milan, IT
2017 Camminare l’orizzonte. Deriva, Space4235, Genova, NESXT, Circuito spazi indipendenti, Turin, IT
2017 Cantiere in lento movimento, Riss(e), Varese, IT
2017 Il pittore e la modella. Il corpo che guarda, Assab One, Milano, IT
2017 Dialogos III, Olomouc, Vitrina Deniska, Czech Republic
2017 NESXT, Independent art festival, w/Space4235, Turin, IT
2017 LUCIA, curated by Kristian Skylstad, QB Gallery, Oslo, NO
2017 Spazi 2017, Edicola Radetzky, Milan, IT
2016 I won’t do what you tell me, RAM Gallery, Oslo, NO
2016 Secrets in the carbon atom, curated by Angels Miralda Tena, Podium Gallery, Oslo, NO
2016 L’aperto, public art group project, Rocca Vignale, IT
2014 Formations, Transart Festival, S. Vigilio Mountain, Bolzano, IT
2013 On a Perilous Absence, Møllebyen Litteratur Festival, Moss, NO
2013 Entering land where nobody has been before seeing what nobody has seen owning what nobody has owed, No Place Gallery, Oslo, NO
2010 25 hours a day, Villa Romana, Florence, IT
2010 From the liberty square to the independence square, Lodz Biennale 2010, Lodz, PL
2010 This is the end, 91mq, Berlin, DE
2010 Candy Hell!, Su de Coucou, Berlin, DE
2010 Bloom Art Fair/Temporary Black Space, Cologne, DE
2010 Lissone Award, Lissone Contemporary Art Museum, Lissone, IT
2010 Bologna Art Fair/ Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome, IT
2010 The state of arts, Italian Pavilions in the world, 54° Venice Biennale Venice, IT
2009 Looming over the darkest black, Henie Onstad Art Center, Høvikodden, NO
2007 Stenerseen Museet, Master Degree Exhibition, Oslo, NO
2007 Rekord Gallery, Happy Festival, Oslo, NO


2022 Mycelium Network, Posto Segreto, Alcamo, IT
2022 Open Video XII, Norsk Billedhoggerforening, Oslo, NO
2020 Noi fuori nella notte, online, ISG 
2019 Delay delay delay, w/Ronny Faber Dahl, online  ISG
2017 Video Open II, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, NO
2017 Landescape Festival, Giardino Botanico, Palermo, IT
2016 Oslo Open 2016 satellittprogram, Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo, NO
2016 Helicotrema, World Breakers, DRODESERA XXXVI Centrale Fies, Dro, TN, Italy supported by OCA, NO
2016 Papay Gyro Nights, Skodul Gondul video program Orkney, GB, SCO
2009 Progetto Centaura, Orto Botanico, Bergamo, IT
2008 Acid Landscapes, Netmage ’08, International Live Media Festival, Bologna, IT  
2007 Rekord Gallery, Happy Festival, Oslo, NO
2007 Stark Vision of the Morning, Crossover, Genoa, IT


2023 Stipend Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV), NO
2022 Prosjektstøtte Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV), NO
2022 Stipend Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV), NO
2021 Prosjektstøtte Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV), NO  
2021 International support, OCA, Office for Contemporary Art, NO
2016  International support, OCA, Office for Contemporary Art
2016  NBK Prosjektstøtte, NO
2014  International support OCA, Office for Contemporary Art, NO


2022 Blå støy, article by Andreas Breivik, Kunstavisen, Oslo, Norway
2021 Agency in every word, interview by Ina Hagen, Kunstkritikk
2021 Review of ‘Between the translucent and the blue’ at Bergen Tildende
2021 måg | issue five
2016, Karbonets hemmeligheter, by Harald Lange
2015 Review of If I just Laid Down, by Tommy Olsson published at Klassekampen, September 2015
2015 Ippocampo, mentioned by Mariann Enge at Kunstkritikk, 2015


2011 Nes Artist Art Residency, SIM, Skagaströnd, Iceland, August
2010 GlogauAIR Berlin


2021  UKS, Artists organising artists, 100 years of conviviality Oslo, NO
2021 The recorded sound and voice: online communities across data networks, workshop and 3Dsound, Après la Nuit art association, Savona, IT 
2021 How music and performing art are moving forward gender equality and reduced inequality, with Dafne Boggeri, Fafi Abdel Nour, Timeless, Electropark, Genoa, IT
2021 Artist Talk, KMD, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, Bergen, NO
2013 Posso non, w/ Mauro Folci, Villa Croce Museum of Contemporary Art, Genova, IT
2010 Artist Talk, Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art and Creative Writing, University of Tromsø NO


2018 Momentum Journal! Fragmnets of an Encyclopedia Materiae Curiosa, curated by Angels online
2017 Kunstforum, Darkness, article interview, NO
2017 A.A.V.V. I wont’ do what you tell me! Ippocampo (the digital memory), Kunstvardo Oslo, NO 
2015 On a perilous absence, Audiatur, Poster publication
2013 Daphne Cneorum, Something there needs to thrive! Poster publication
2009 Saturn ove sunset, Vinyl 7´
2009 Looming over the darkest black, Vinyl 7´´
2007 I walk into this garden, Vinyl 12´´


2009 – lecturer Performance studies and Installation, Academy of Fine Arts, Genoa, IT


Space4235 w/Ronny Faber Dahl, Genoa, IT
ISG online platform
Fumogeni, W/Carlotta Pezzolo, Serena Porrati


member of NBK/UKS, Norway – AWI Art Workers Italia, Italy