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Artist-run space Genoa, Italy 2011 – 2018

From 2011 to 2018, in collaboration with Ronny Faber Dahl, I coordinated Space4235, an artist-run space based in Italy and Norway. Space4235 hosted a limited program of events with cross-national artists and independent spaces. In 2019, Space4235 merged into the digital platform and online gallery ISG. ISG translates and explores the circulation of digital media within the intersection of screen and space. 

Space4235 was founded as an exhibition space in Tromsø in 2009 by Ronny Faber Dahl and Sigurd Gurvin. From 2011 to 2018, Space4235 was active in Genoa, Italy, co-run with Simona Barbera. The gallery’s space in Tromsø and Genoa hosted an extensive program of exhibitions, featuring cross-national artists and collaborations with a network of independent artist-run spaces. Space4235’s last exhibition in Genoa in 2018 was titled Parallels.

Since 2009, Space4235 has collaborated with the following artists, researchers and independent projects:

Serena Porrati, Kristian Skylstad, Carlotta Pezzolo, Mauro Folci, Henrik Penge Jackobsen, Karen Nikgol, Sindre Foss Skancke, Andrew Amorim, Henrik Påsk, Giancarlo Norese, Ermanno Cristini, Matteo Cremonesi, Mattia Paje´, Kaja Leijon, Stefania Schubeyr, Nikita Kadan, Antonio Catelani, Massimo Palazzi, Paola Pietronave, Paola Pedemonte, Francesca Migone, Guia del Favero, Andreas Olavssønn Rongen, Øystein Larssen, Janne Talstad, Anders Smebye, Carlo Miele, NESXT, Edicola Radetsky, Forum dell’arte Contemporanea, Riss(E).

In 2019, Space4235 merged into the digital platform and online archive known as