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Rain flowing down structural drain pipes

QB, Oslo

group show
Kamilla Langeland – Andrew Amorim – Dag Nordbrenden – Marie Svindt – Per Christian Brown – Simona Barbera – Daria Giwer – Jason Havneraas – Marthe Bleu – Tom Sandberg – Kaja Leijon – Damian Heinisch – Thora Dolven Balke – Christian Tunge – Eva Rosa Hollup – Marius Engh – Linn Pedersen – Knut Åsdam – Stefania Schubeyr – Dag Alveng – Behzad Farazollahi – Monica Flakk – Marius Eriksen – Jo Michael de Figueiredo – Henrik Plenge Jakobsen – Sigmund Skard – Magne Lyngvær – Felix Werbowy – Kåre Kivijärvi – Janne Talstad – Geir Moseid – Kjetil Berge – Espen Gleditsch – Eline Mugaas – Kristian Skylstad – Eirin Støen – Louise Jacobs – Frido Evers

sound piece

Rain flowing down structural drain pipes

The sound piece is an aural transfiguration of thunderstorms recorded at the edge of the inner city. Sparse audio signals, non-audible low frequencies, and noise patterns surrounding the audio piece structuring out into large accumulation patterns similar to the hyper-organic multiple electromagnetic activities in our atmosphere. Accumulative storms that remind us of Earth’s disruptive weather systems, an anthropogenic feeling of poetic still time to our surroundings. The infrasound range of frequencies carried by any biome-dependent thunderstorm is capable of overriding the noise frequencies of urban settlement made from all technological debris, communication technologies, batteries, semiconductors, traffic, or noise pollution.