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Butterflies upon lips

Sound work, the process of modulation between two different audio inputs – where their fusion becomes a hybrid ‘wave-form’ that contains something of the two elements

sound piece 2007

Starting from the inaudible natural sounds of ‘butterflies’, the sound piece was built up under a process of modulation (cross-breed) between the sound of the butterflies and my voice. The results are a fusion between both elements. I have extended the same concept to different inputs, trying to achieve the idea of an organic but yet artificial sonic space.
In ‘Butterflies upon lips’ an inferno of insect wings makes the room vibrate. The voice is inflected by ‘cross synthesis’ process with the butterfly sound signal: the result is a fusion between the two elements.
One of the great classics of sound art is the work Composition 1960 #5 by La Monte Young, the work consists of ‘one or more butterflies’ being released. The butterflies cannot be heard and instead, the sounds of the surroundings fill the work.