Immersive visual and sonic installation, sound performance, wall drawings, charcoal drawings

Black Temporary Space, Bergamo, 2010


Saturn over Sunset is configured in the artistic evolution of Simona Barbera, as the possible relationship between her research and a space, TBS, strongly structural in its connotation. The artist reintroduces the necessity of the sound element in art, getting to create complex experiences through connections between sounds and images. The sound-light, or setting-sound, interactions originate in the investigation of, for example, La Monte Young and his “Dream Houses”. These concepts are put into concrete form through acoustic and environmental installations, with a very strong physical value. In joining the visual with the sonic an interdependence appears and it couldn’t be otherwise.

Even though the wall drawings are pictorial, their nature has to be sought in the ritual dimension they obtein in the whole and in the act of production. The corporeal participation impacts on both who enters in the setting and the artist in the act of composing and it’s translatable in terms of conversion or progress. This is the key of the entire project: a route or motion towards an elsewhere, somehow enlightening. The order of the spaces suggests indeed the presence of levels or states flowing together towards extremes such as light and fade or panic darkness. The movement from dimness to light or vice versa is one of the topics of the various drawings; recurring in the luciferous figures and in the Vapori(Vapours), as a sort of fading images.
Also in the music there are intimations to this kind of motion: through feedbacks described as total blindnesses or the reading of text-descriptions in a voice-over.
The first visual impact provided by the exhibition correspond with the metaphorical incarnation of a presence that introduces the whole pathway: a sort of manifesto. Consecutively, pictures evolve this concept through figural quotations and allusions or traces. In the following room, the production of wall paintings on scraped surfaces implied a tecnique different from that of previous interventions. The process and the result depend on the dialogue with the space and they have unexpected effects. Last but not the least: DARK AMBIENT. The pure sound, without visual clues. Its power allows a purely corporal perception through the application of low frequencies, creating real vibrations of the space in the evolution of drones.