NESXT, 2020
#nodebox3 image code #processing  collaboration w/ Ronny Faber Dahl 2019
“Delay delay delay” was created using both generative and erasing algorithms. The idea was to use the stillness of image flow within today’s screen media consumption. Whereas the media is directed more individually, but also more intrusive, the advertising algorithm only feeds what you like, limiting the view to the difference. Then, for a moment when the connection is broken, the technical problem “freezes” at half image and half abstraction. The result of the #nodebox3 image code #processing #nodebox3 was a lo-fi aesthetic of a simple deconstructed or fused image, keeping the pixel resolution granular data, embracing the technical problems of interruption and abstraction as a positive open interpretation, changing the complexity of the structure and colours a high-quality image.