Simona Barbera (Italy, Norway) works primarily with installations that incorporate sound and multimedia objects. Her latest artistic practice focuses on sonic sculptures conceived as an integral part of installations responding to specific contemporary spatial contexts.

By exploring sensibilities of urban spaces under changes and pressures, most of her works stem from the acoustic environment that later develops into abstract sonic textures of layered forms.

In her sculptural installations, she often uses extensive visual displays, such as rack case units, mixing boards, turntables, and various sound source materials, blending computer parts, cable wires, fabrics, and loudspeakers with resin and composite casts.

Simona Barbera holds a Master degree from the Academy of Fine Art in Oslo, Norway.

Since 2019 she has been co-running with Ronny Faber Dahl the online digital format ISG and since 2012 the artist-run space 4235.